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Six-month check-up

Kar­en just reminded me that I should let you all know that I had my six-month fol­low-up check-up at the end of June, and that there was no sign of any can­cer. (I did­n’t send an update then, because they were con­cerned about elev­ated biliru­bin levels — but it looks now as if these are due to a com­pletely benign con­di­tion called Gil­ber­t’s Syn­drome — so that’s all right!) It’ll be anoth­er 4½ years before they’ll give me the “all clear,” but for this par­tic­u­lar can­cer, the first year is by far the most likely time for any recur­rence. So this is really good news! …


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More “Map­ping Mordor”

Some of you might know that my “new” plan for the “Map­ping Mordor” chapter had been to get all top­onym­ic research done before the sur­gery, so that I could simply write between then and Yule — sub­mit­ting a text draft in late Decem­ber (only six weeks late) and telling the edit­ors how many graph­ic images I’d be sup­ply­ing (and where they’d need to go and what size they’d need to be) — and pre­par­ing the graph­ics in Janu­ary while the edit­ors and lay read­ers were look­ing at my draft text.…


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About the “Mordor” project

I men­tioned in my first post 1 The ref­er­ence to “my first post,” of course, means the first post on my can­­cer-focussed Pos­tHope blog. The link here on this site is to that same post, but migrated to this offi­cial blog at that I named this site Walk­ing into Mordor only par­tially for the obvi­ous reas­on — that in fact I’m also spend­ing this time on a non-meta­phor­ic­al Mordor-related project.

If all goes well, I will (finally!) be pub­lished, if only in the form of one chapter. The book, entitled Tolki­en and Lit­er­ary World­build­ing, is being edited for Walk­ing Tree Pub­lish­ers by Dr. Thomas Honeg­ger and Dr. Dimitra Fimi.…


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