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About the “Mordor” project

I men­tioned in my first post 1 The ref­er­ence to “my first post,” of course, means the first post on my can­­cer-focussed Pos­tHope blog. The link here on this site is to that same post, but migrated to this offi­cial blog at that I named this site Walk­ing into Mordor only par­tially for the obvi­ous reas­on — that in fact I’m also spend­ing this time on a non-meta­phor­ic­al Mordor-related project.

If all goes well, I will (finally!) be pub­lished, if only in the form of one chapter. The book, entitled Tolki­en and Lit­er­ary World­build­ing, is being edited for Walk­ing Tree Pub­lish­ers by Dr. Thomas Honeg­ger and Dr. Dimitra Fimi.…


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