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“Eat­ing” through a tube

So it occurred to me that perhaps some of you know as little about tube-feeding as I did a few weeks ago, and that you might be curious.

Medical IV pole bearing a “Kangaroo” pouch of “food,” and a pump
You can see from the photo that I’m rel­at­ively port­able even when connected.

I’m eating a little solid food now — more than I was last month, in fact, because they widened my esophagus a bit during surgery in August, and perhaps also because the radiation is ensmallenating the tumor, too....


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The radi­ation lab

This actu­ally is the radi­ation machine. I lie on the bed (left), which is rolled into place. I’m pretty sure that the low cen­ter “draw­er” extends out when it’s in oper­a­tion, and that that’s what orbits around my body dur­ing the two- to three-minute session.…

**UPDATE 2017-09-14: No, I had it com­pletely wrong! …


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