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The radi­ation lab

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This actually is the radiation machine. I lie on the bed (left), which is rolled into place. I’m pretty sure that the low center “drawer” extends out when it’s in operation, and that that’s what orbits around my body during the two- to three-minute session.

A medical physicist stands to the left of a Varian particle accelerator at Central Vermont Medical Center; a therapy bed is in the foreground
Vari­an lin­ear accelerator

Katie, Lorne, and Ashley run the equipment, bedeck me with warm towels, and make sure the Musak™ is turned off for me. 🙉

UPDATE 2017-09-14: No, I had it completely wrong! The entire front third of the machine orbits! In addition, the flaps that are out to the side move 90º such that they also face my body broadside while orbiting. Very 1950s-retro-modern!